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PLITVICKA JEZERA (PLITVICE LAKES), 16 interlinked lakes between Mala Kapela Mountain and Pljesevica Mountain in the region of Lika. The lake system is divided into the upper lakes (Proscansko Lake, Ciginovac, Okrugljak, Batinovac, Veliko Jezero = Big Lake, Malo Jezero = Small Lake, Vir, Galovac, Milino Lake, Jezerce, Burgetiand Kozjak) and the lower lakes (Milinovac, Gavanovac, Kaluderovacand Novakovica Brod). The highest of them is Proscansko Lake (639 m) and the lowest Novakovica Brod (503 m). The upper lakes, surrounded by thick forests and interlinked by numerous waterfalls, lie in a dolomite valley, while the lower lakes, smaller and shallower, surrounded only by sparse underbrush, lie on the limestone bedrock. The Lakes receive most of their water from the rivers called Bijela and Crna Rijeka (White and Black Rivers), which are joined into one course south of Proscansko Lake. After the waterfall Sastavci on the lower lakes, the Lakes' waters continue into the Korana river, as well as the Plitvice brook, which falls from an elevation of 76 m. The upper lakes are tierically arranged, separated by dolomite barriers, which grow with the formation of travertine, forming thus travertine barriers. Travertine is mostly formed on the spots where water falls from an elevation, by the incrustation of algae and moss with calcium carbonate. The lower lakes were formed by crumbling and caving-in of the vaults above subterranean cavities through which water of the upper lakes disappeared. Cliffy rocks around the Lakes and along the Korana comprise 14 caves in limestone and 6 caves in travertine (supljara, Golubnjaca, Mracnjaca, Velika Pecina, etc.). Climate is alpine, with an average annual temperature between 8 °C and 10 °C and the annual rainfall of 1,200-1,400 mm. The water temperature in Proscansko Lake and Kozjak Lake reaches even 24 °C in summer. The whole region is covered by snow from November until the end of March; the Lakes are frozen in December and January.

Apartments N.P. Plitvice

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Name:    Vukovic                    Address:  Selista, Plitvice
Tel.:       00385  47782229                       Plitvice Lakes
Mob.:     00385981602756
Apartmani Plitvice


Name:    Ljubica Vukovic     Address:  Grabovac 175, Rakovica 
Tel.:       00385 47784197                           Plitvice Lakes
Mob.:     00385989634048
Apartmani Plitvice


Name:    Marija Bozic     Address:  Irinovac 73B  Dreznik grad 
Tel.:       00385 53774213                   6km Plitvice lakes
Mob.:     00385989143413
Apartmani Plitvice


Name:       Darko Rubcic             Address:  Ostarski stanovi 111a
Tel.:       00385 47 784 203               10km Plitvice lakes
Mob.:     0038598 189 3153
Apartmani Plitvice


Name:       Luka Bicanic             Address:  Smoljanac 60
Tel.:       00385(0) 53 754 058               3,5km Plitvice lakes
Mob.:     00385(0)91 7693479
Apartmani Plitvice


Name:       Slavko Vukovic                           Address:  Poljanak 19
Tel.:       00385(0) 53 757-002               3,5km Plitvice lakes
Mob.:     00385(0)91/912 9152
Apartmani Plitvice

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