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Apartments Klek Croatia

KlekKlek Klek Klek
Situated in the cove of the same name, close to the border with BiH, Klek is an ideal place for peaceful and pleasant vacations. Apart from bathing and water sports, visitors may enjoy other recreational activities at four tennis courts and miniature golf facilities. In the vicinity are also the villages of Duboka and Komarna with beautiful beaches. KLEK, a village on the north-western coast of the bay of Klek - Neum, 12 km south of Opuzen. Economy is based on farming, olive growing and tourism. Klek is located on the main road . The quadrangular Monkovic tower with a chapel and the remains of a wall from the 17th-18th century have been preserved in Klek. Above the village are the ruins of the ancient town of Smrden-grad close to it is a large necropolis of stelae.

Apartments Klek

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