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Apartments Blato island Korcula Croatia

Blato island KorculaBlato island Korcula 
Blato island Korcula
The most beautiful view on Blato and its surroundings is offered from the road leading to the southern coast, where many accommodation facilities are located. These are the picturesque coves of Grscica and Prizba, Karbuni and Potirna. In front of them is a group of islands with beautiful beaches. On the northern coast is the Prigradica Cove with a nice harbour. The inhabitants of Blato have always cherished their tradition and culture, which is substantiated by the existence of 15 cultural societies and associations. The most prominent is the Chivalrous Society "Kumpanija" (Companions), established in 1927. The chivalrous game called "kumpanija" , is one of the most interesting traditions in Blato, and regularly takes place on the 28th of April, on St. Vicenza's Day (patroness of the town), whose bones were relocated to Blato two centuries ago by consent of the Pope Pio VI. Kumpanija is a chivalrous fight between two armies showing their readiness to defend their home, as a memory of distant centuries when the defence of the island was in hands of the island defence unit called "kumpanija" (Companions). Upon consent of the local head, the leader of soldiers, so-called "kapitan" (Captain) starts with the sword dance in several dance figures. An especially interesting part is the role of "alfir" (standard-bearer), dancing with a large flag. After the end of this chivalrous game, the soldiers may dance with girls (dance called "tanac" ). Kumpanija is accompanied by bellows and a big war drum. The thousand-year-old custom of sacrificing an ox was abandoned several decades ago. The game takes place in front of the church of All Saints, on the so-called "plokata" , in a suggestive ambience, where also other feasts and events are held.

Apartments Blato island Korcula

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ApartmentsBlato island Korcula Blato island Korcula Apartments Blato island Korcula Croatia Apartments Blato island Korcula Apartments Blato