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Apartments Zivogosce Croatia

ZivogosceZivogosce Zivogosce Zivogosce

Zivogosce is situated on the slopes of Biokovo Mountain, where several beautiful pebble beaches surrounded by a pine forest are located. Below the Franciscan monastery is a large freshwater spring, which remains on a dry terrain during the low tide. Above the spring is a carved Latin elegiac couplet in eulogy of the life-giving earth. High quality lodgings - hotels, apartments, as well as sports grounds, water sports, pleasant walks along the sea (lungomare) make Zivogosce a lovely place to stay.

Apartments Zivogosce

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 Contact: Lino Antunovic      Address.: Blato 31
 Tel.:  00385(0)21628722                Zivogosce


 Contact: Davor Klaricic      Adresse.: Porat 22,
 Tel.:  00385(0)98 469175                Zivogosce


 Contact: Davor Klaricic      Adresse.: Porat bb,
 Tel.:  00385(0)98 469175                Zivogosce


 Contact: Ivo Petricevic              Address.: Porat 24,
 Tel.:  00385(0)91 6792-333                Zivogosce
Apartments Zivogosce Zivogosce Apartments Zivogosce Croatia Apartments ZivogosceApartments Zivogosce Zivogosce Apartments Zivogosce