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Apartments Sipan Croatia

SIPAN, the largest of the Elaphite Islands, 17 km northwest of Dubrovnik; separated from the mainland coast by the Kolocepski Channel; area 16.5 sq km; population 500 (length 9.1 km, width up to 2.6 km). Two limestone crests, the higher (Velji Vrh, 243 m) in the northeast and the lower in the southeast surround a dolomite depression, on which olives, figs, vine, carob-trees, almond-trees, oranges and citrus fruit are cultivated. Tourism occupies a special place in the economy of Sipan. The terminal, submerged parts of the valley form the cove of Sipanska Luka in the north-west, and the Sudurad Cove in the south-east. The small island of Ruda is off the south-eastern arm of the higher crest. Major places on the island are Sipanska Luka (Luka) and Sudurad; there are several hamlets in the island's interior (Fraiga, Sutulija, Vojnovo Selo, Odak). Ship connections with Dubrovnik.


Apartments Sipan

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Name:      Bozo Miseta                   Address: Sipanska Luka 16,

Mob.:       00385 (0)91 2255011                        Sipan
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